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It’s 10:50PM on Friday night and I’m pushing through some exhaustion to get this posted tonight. We’re remodeling / updating our house right now and it’s been a very long week. Here are my top five moments from this week:

1. On Wednesday and Thursday, there were 20 men representing 6 different trades working in the house. At one point I went into the closet and started crying. Unfortunately, there were no doors on the closet.

2. There is sawdust and drywall dust covering every square inch of my house. Including my toothbrush.

3. My feet were so dirty when I climbed into bed last night that I tried to sleep with them hanging over the edge. When I woke up to go to the bathroom my foot was asleep and I fell down.

4. Ellen’s trunk is still on our porch. We haven’t unpacked a thing (including wet towels) and we picked her up from camp one week ago.

5. I went to Home Depot today. Four times.

I’m posting because I really believe that gratitude is a practice. This is one of my favorite quotes EVER:

It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful.

–Brother David Steindl-Rast

So, today I trust that it’s OK to stop when I’m really just too tired (and dirty feet never killed anyone).

I’m grateful for incredibly talented and gifted crafts people.

I’m inspired by simplicity and calm. I had every room in my house (except Ellen and Charlie’s) painted Bay Laurel by Restoration Hardware.

What about you? What’s something terrible/funny/sucky/ridiculous that happened to you this week?

What’s your TGIF?


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  1. Amy

    Funny you should ask this question today. Awful is pretty much the word for my past couple weeks actually. My mom and my sister declared war on one another, the cops were called, and then stated that each was dead to the other one. I guess they don’t realize when they do and say those things to each other, the one it hurts is me, the person that would like to have some semblance of a family that can at least tolerate each other at holidays. I haven’t seen my father in 8 months even after several emails on my part to get together. He has his own family to think of. I think I need to make some plans to spend the holidays on an island somewhere without any family. Maybe I should just move to an island without any forwarding address.

    I do understand the crying in the closet. I started crying today at work in my cubical. It also has no doors. I think the guy that sits next to me was a bit alarmed.

  2. I just found your blog via someone else’s can’t even remember where i was a moment ago, just read that little message and it was lovely, my eyes are fighting watering. Think i will be back quite soon for a good look round. Oh yeah i was following the bird on A Tailored Line, quite appropriate that it was a bird brought me here, i will be back 🙂

  3. the sucky thing: finding out from a long-lost-girl-next-door-childhood-best-friend of mine (who I reconnected with via Classmates – friend B – who connected me thru Facebook – friend A – I LOVE TECHNOLOGY when this stuff happens) — THAT her younger brother, who I grew up knowing as "the pesty little brother" — has passed away. And my girlfriend and I are barely fifty, so he was far too young to go. now THAT sucked.

    however, I’m taking it in stride and balance with the MOST EXCELLENT NEWS that she and I have found each other, and owe each other a phone call to catch up. the best party (pun intended; her last / maiden name is BEST)? she lives probably 10 minutes from me, 15 at the most! how’s THAT for icing on my cupcake?!

    TRUSTING that our upcoming ten day trip to Montana will be smooth – I’ve avoided going with my husband now for 5 or 6 summers, thanks to a most uncomfortable situation up there last time I went between his daughter and me, and a gal who lives up there year-round. IT WAS ROTTEN and part of me still dreads going back to that scene. thank God for my faith. it’s going to see me through, I’m counting on it.

    GRATEFUL FOR family. the fam reunion in italy with the italian relatives was amazing; and our family right here state-side is pretty darn rocking, too.

    INSPIRED BY … women who fight the brave fight. those who battle the odds and survive, or who survive longer and better BECAUSE they had it in them to put it in God’s hands and LET IT BE.

    TGIF – on Monday.

    and hey, Brene … who won the felted pillows?! they are BEAUTIFUL.

    hugs to all — Davielle

  4. Lorie

    hmm…. last week the most terrible thing was no Ordinary Courage blog to read! I am so glad that everything is ok, I was worried. I do understand exhaustion, however, and the feeling that your house has been taken over by space aliens. I do not envy your having to deal with a remodel in your home, my husband is currently building a wing onto our barn and our entire front field is covered with 600 pound bridge timbers that he acquired at "too good a price to pass up"! not even in my living space and it stresses me out.

    a sucky thing that turned good- our doggie had to go into the veterinarian to have 3 lumps removed. We elected not to send them to be biopsied (because if they are cancerous, what will we do except worry?), but elected to have her blood chemistry screened. Turns out the reason she has been so lethargic and put on so much weight is because she has a hypothyroid condition! Apparently easily controlled with medications! yipee!

    regardless, my TGIM is:

    trusting that this awesome weather will hold out long enough to ripen at least one tomato in my garden

    grateful to have a job within walking distance, even though sometimes I hate it

    inspired by our dog, who despite 3 Frankenstein like suture lines on her belly, continues to exude joy just at being alive!!

    Happy week to all.

  5. kathy

    I spent a week unending my house and my family to get our house ready to go on the market before I left for a long weekend….so the floods of people could come see it while I was away with the kids. It looks amazing! The sucky part…it never made on the MLS so no one even knows it exists except for the 5 neighbors on our cul-de-sac who only want to know why, when and where!

    I am trusting in the process and that God has a plan.
    I am grateful for friends who helped me get the house ready and for re-uniting with an old friend.
    I am inspired by the simplicity and peacefulness of my house.

  6. Mel

    I am trusting that there will be a day when my daughter is fully potty trained.

    I am grateful for the family I married into is lovely! My own one is rubbish so I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

    I am inspired by my husband’s love for his work.

  7. monica

    something rediculous…I haven’t unpacked Maggie’s trunk either. i know there are wet towels in there. it’s still sitting next to the front door where it was dropped last Saturday. how can i unpack it when my house is already a freakin mess, we were leaving town and work started…not me! nobody is perfect. peek into my front door and you will see it is still there!

  8. maybe

    I am trusting that there is happiness somewhere to be found in what I’ve been experiencing recently.
    I am grateful for my best friend, who helped me push shame away. And I’m grateful for the awareness I have about shame and authenticity due to your book Brene.
    I am inspired by everyone else who is struggling to be authentic

  9. Bridge

    As I sit at the stop sign near my home in a small mountain town, a woman my grandmother’s age sideswipes a woman my mother’s age with her car as she runs a red light. The woman my mother’s age yelling and swearing at the grandmother who is shaking and upset trying to find her paperwork. Neither car is worth over $1000.00 and nobody is hurt. What’s up? As I prepare to leave the scene of the accident a man on a Motorcycle is stopped next to a person in a car swearing about the fact hey are driving 45 in a 55 mph zone. Road Rage pisses me off.

  10. B.

    TRUSTING: in the doctors at M.D. Anderson who will do procedures on my dear husband this week. Trusting that the family and friends who care about us are still here with us.

    GRATEFUL: that my husband loves me even though we had two AWFUL arguments this week (In one week?? what’s that about?) Grateful also for the discipline of this exercise each weekend to keep me focused on what is important in my life.

    INSPIRED: by your readers. By your readers who are struggling with much more than I am and can still keep going, often with much grace. Thanks to all for the inspiration. And, thank you to you, Brene for leading us.

  11. Jody Feldman

    Sprawled on a sidewalk in the middle of a public place to take a publicity shot of a friend’s forthcoming book. Not much angst in the scheme of things, but a bit outside my comfort zone.

    However, I actually came here to thank you for including The Gollywhopper Games in your reading group. Please tell the girls to feel free to contact me if they have any questions.

  12. Alyice

    I had an emotional breakdown this week, too. Over trying to get funding for my son to go to college. It’s not easy watching a straight A student struggle getting into college simply because of a lack of funding. It of course snow balled, and released alot of pent up emotion about the horrible year we had and how if it wasn’t for bad luck, we would have no luck at all. Can’t wait for the recession to end and life to return to normal. But at least, I can be grateful for one thing, my son is determined to get into college, even if it means student loans all the way.

  13. Jenn

    I trust that I will get what I need when I need it.
    I am grateful for my friendships — old and new — these are the people that keep me grounded in who I am and remind me of who I want to become.
    I am inspired by Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story. What a great old movie! We could all stand to be a little more yar at times.

    Something funny/terrible/sucky…hmm, I couldn’t sleep on Monday and Tuesday nights..I was up at 2 an 3am..I stayed in bed until 5 or 5:30 and just got up and faced each day..knowing and trusting that sleep would eventually come to me.

  14. qmama

    this week…
    i am trusting that rest will come (soon, i hope).
    i am grateful for happy family gatherings (no drama).
    i am inspired by jen lee’s fortunes.

  15. I SO related to this post. When I have one or two workmen in my house (or even when I’m waiting for them – or thinking about having them here) I want to find that closet (only I guess I’d want one with doors – lol). Consequently, I wait til things bite me in the a$$ to get workmen out here to fix them…I think it’s quite courageous of you to deal with so many of them all at once!

    And – ohhhh – last week I was horrified to find, as I lovingly hung laundry outside – pretending to be the Princess of Green-ness – that the top sheet on my son’s bed was a painting drop cloth. An ex-sheet we used when we painted the kitchen and ran out of "real" drop cloths. When I was hanging it (why I didn’t notice as I put it in the washer I don’t know) I was semi-freaking: "WTF?" – and hiding it behind other sheets – embarrassed that I’d let my son sleep covered with a drop cloth. Later I asked him if he noticed (he’s 19) – and he said: "Yeah, but it was just stains." ??? Really…

    And Brené, the paint! The paint made me tear up. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link to see what color you chose – it looks like the exact color my (now departed) great-aunt had throughout most of her home – THE most gracious, accepting, everyone-is-welcome, grace-filled, beautiful (but in a very elegant comfort – NOT white rug) home I ever expect to be in this side of Paradise…I needed that reminder of her – and I have a feeling that your home will have that same feeling.

    Your words – the way you share you life and thoughts here – is the biggest blessing – thank you so much!!!

  16. My husband of six months decided quite sweetly to have an addition added to the home he owned when we married in order to give me a room of my own for writing and to make it feel more like a home to me.

    What began as an additional room and bath has become a total master bedroom renovation and additional en-suite bath making for two new bathrooms. An old half bath is being converted to a walk in closet for the guest room and the dining room is being bumped out as well. We are knee deep in dust, sleeping in a guest room and my crate of household goods arrived from America on Wednesday. Stuff is everywhere, but I’m grateful it arrived and especially grateful to have such a dear man willing to do so much to create a space for me to call mine.

  17. Deb J

    The only BAD thing about this week was that I was on the run too much and am now paying for it (I have Fibromyalgia). It also means that my to do list didn’t get done. I’m sorry to hear that your week has been so extremely bad. Hope this next week is better.

    I’m trusting that next week will be better for me and for you.
    I’m grateful that God provided me with very good doctors.
    I’m inspired by Brene because she keeps going and by my mom because she does too.

  18. I love doing TGIFridays!

    his week was a good one. I am thrilled to be working at my 2nd job waitressing. I am sure at some point I will be challenged by working two jobs, trying to get everything done that life asks of me, and not be exhausted but right now this is what I am supposed to be doing.

    Today I’m trusting that my life is unfolding as it should in the long run, that obstacles and challenges that I am faced with happen for a reason and that I am making the best possible choices along the way.

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to have a 2nd job and be earning some extra income right now to help pay down some debt.

    I’m inspired the simplicity of my dog’s life – her ability to be happy as she loves unconditionally, sleeps soundly, and enjoys watching the world go by is a great guiding light for my own happiness.

    My terrible thing for the week is that I STILL am itching and scratching at poison ivy!