free-range social media!

This quote by Mahatma Gandhi serves as a touchstone for the faculty, staff, and students at The University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work:

“We must become the change we want to see.”

I believe in this approach to change, and I try to live it (imperfectly, of course).

Recently, I’ve done some passionate writing on civility, bullying, and the mean-spiritedness that happens online. I think our culture is becoming a culture of cruelty and I want to do something to change that.

The Free-Range Social Media movement is about standing up and saying, “I will do my best to make my online space cruelty, cage, and copying free.”

I invite you to grab a badge from the left side of my page and join us! We can be the change.

Leave your link in the comments section so we can check out your Free-Range site!


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  4. Can’t wait to get these up on my site! I write a blog about experiencing a spiritual life as a mom at Lots of great, insightful posts, and I mention you, Brene, all the time! I loved watching you on Super Soul Sunday too!!

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  6. Tracy

    Hi Brene! This is a fabulous and much-needed idea. We've gone Free Range at

    Thanks for all you do–and what a great community is coming together out of it!

  7. I love this. I have printed out the card and put it up next to my desk.

  8. Lesa

    This is the beating heart of my blog. That Ghandi quote is front and center and behind my mission to create community, by starting within. I am always battling between an urge to protect my blog as I love my community of readers and commenters and all the good mojo that we put out there. BUT, I want to grow it, be more bold with putting it out there…but I am so afraid of the vitriol. What's a blogger and aspiring author to do? This is a great place to start. Thank you so much.

  9. Jess W.

    Hi Brene! I'm super young in the blogging world and when I found a link to your site on the Life your Way Blog I was immediately hooked! I love the idea of no bullying and not hiding behind avatars and psuedonames! I grabbed your banner to post on my site so that all will know!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration and encouragement!

  10. kario

    I love it! I saw it first on FB (that other social network), but had to check it out on your blog. I hope it spreads like wildfire, but from the list of comments already here, I'd say that's a good start!

  11. Allan Galanter

    I'm disabled by HIV for 16 years now. I'm having a difficult time seeing what is me and what is the disease. I've not had such a hard time with this in many years and am afraid I no longer can see how I can have a future that is fulfilling and worthy of myself. My therapist referred me to your youtube talk on connection. Inspiring and hopeful in some way I can feel but cannot put into words. I've lost so many connections with the people in my life to death and my own inattention. I can't see how to reach out anymore. But, thank you for your words and insights.

  12. In answer to the questions, you have to cut and paste the text and add it to a text portion of your website, ideally a footer or a sidebar. Does that help?
    You can contact a friend of mine at if you are using wordpress and he can do a little coaching for an extremely reasonable fee.

  13. Peggy

    Can't figure out how to "grab" a badge to post on my blog. Can anyone help? Peggy

  14. pamela

    yes. I love this! I am going to post this badge on my blog.