What we don’t know can absolutely hurt us (and the people we love).

Shame is an equal opportunity emotion; however, the messages and expectations that fuel shame are still organized by gender. Critical awareness is a crucial first step. I’m so grateful for daring documentaries like these – watching them and leaning into difficult discussions about gender issues is how we change our lives, families, and communities.  What we don’t know can absolutely hurt us and the people we love – especially our children.

Click here for more information on The Mask You Live In.

Click here for more information on Jean Kilbourne’s work – her books and DVDs changed my life!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes about transformation:

“May we never break the strong spirits of our daughters. May we teach our sons to become loving and nurturing men. In doing so, we hold the key to universal peace.” ~ Jane Evershed


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  1. Sony

    Pang Pang, didn’t realise that the “false chairtisn” church has spread its web so far in Hong Kong. Please keep us updated on the situation.

  2. Alida

    Sarebbe possibile avere questi due importantissimi video con i sottotitoli in italiano?

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  5. Wendy Mc

    Hey, Brene!
    I came across Kelly Rae Roberts, a self described artist/possibilitarian and immediately thought of you–I am convinced you are kindred spirits…. If you have not checked out beautiful creativity which come from her whole-hearted soul, just see below….


    She would be a great person to interview for your blog…..just sayin’ 🙂

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  7. Lamees Barendse

    A poem I think every girl should read if but only once in her life:
    Little girl
    Little girl I hope you never have to endure the confusion of life
    Your little face looking as bright as can be, your little eyes wondering as wildly as only you can.

    Play with your little doll and wrap your little hands tightly around her, believe in fairy tales, never introduce yourself to brutal reality. Believe in your little world and throw your dreams in every little corner.

    Little girl, stay warm and soft in the hands of your mother, my little girl let your God be your guardian, enrol your little body in the works that will only be beneficial in your life.

    Please little girl I beg this of you, stay little, for it only comes once in a lifetime.
    My heart beats a thousand times per minute as I look at you and know that in the ‘faith’ of time your little body will grow into mine and your little mind will learn to know what I wish to forget for a lifetime.

    Your happiness is your only gift you can give to yourself; little you would say my little girl. A big promise to fulfil I would say, time will leave you to know that you wished you have believed a little, held on a little, laughed a little bit more, lived a little bit more, stayed little for a little longer.
    Little girl please stay little
    Lamees Barendse

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