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Some exciting news from The Daring Way!

We just opened up registration for the two remaining 2014–2015 Daring Way trainings. We will not be offering any U.S. trainings in 2015. We are planning to hold two International Trainings during the summer of 2015 (London and Sydney). We will open registration for these in early fall 2014. For more information or to get on a notification list for the London or Sydney events, email us.

If you’re a helping professional and you’re interested in training and certification, you can learn more here. 

To find a Certified Daring Way Facilitator in your area, visit our website.

You can also find one of the many upcoming Daring Way groups here.

I’m deeply grateful to our community for their passion and commitment,  to our Senior Faculty for their wisdom, and to our leadership team for their vision and grit.

See you in the arena!


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  2. Tamsyn

    Super excited to see this is coming to London in 2015. Does this mean you might also be holding events/talks in the UK too? *crosses fingers*

  3. Toughedah

    Are you guys planning to have an online course or even better come to Cape Town? :D

  4. Carmilla S

    When will you be offering more Daring Way traninings in the US again? I recently graduated from my doctorate program and would really like to have this specialty training. Thanks!
    Not use to placing Dr. in front of my name yet! LOL!

  5. Cassie

    Can’t wait for you to come back to Sydney!!! Taking the Daring Way global is what it is all about!!!

  6. Hi brene,
    I am so excited that syd will one of your training destinations for 2015. Are yoga teachers able to train as daring way facilitors. We have a peak professional organisation called Yoga Australia that have well regarded training accreditation process. I can provide more information if you require it.
    Still excited that you are coming even if I can not train.
    Wai ying

  7. Catherine Rebelo

    Would love if you came to Australia/ Sydney

  8. Daisy

    Will you bring your training to India?

  9. Tami Ramage

    Hoping to eventually attend one. I am a LMFT at a psychiatric practice and recommended your power of vulnerability to most of my clients as well as co-workers. Amazing.

  10. Agnieszka Walczuk

    Good morning

    I would like to be added to the mailing list for the London 2015 training event(s) but the link (email us) doesn’t seem to work on my computer. Please can I ask to be added? I am a Qualified Coach and would love to expand my practice and Brene’s work resonates with me like no other.

    Many thanks
    +44 (0) 7988083689

  11. Jennifer

    It strikes me that Denial, Suspension, Revocation was my life outlook (and how I treated myself) before learning how to Dare Greatly :)

  12. chasil park

    I’m interested in The Daring Way Facilitator
    Please keep me in touch with your notification

    Thank you

  13. Ti

    My recent blog post thanks you for moving me forward
    in my art, parenting, and teaching! Breakthroughs
    are exhilarating.

    We all need reminders like yours, daily. To be
    vulnerable takes courage, but avoiding vulnerability
    is the most disengaged and unfulfilling way to live.
    This is why I post my art online, and continue to
    put it out there.

    I’ll never forget the day that I sent my work out
    to an artist cooperative in NYC to be viewed as they
    considered me for membership. Besides the fear of
    a fragile sculpture getting smashed somewhere along
    the way, the vulnerability and fear of my own ego
    getting smashed was excruciating. So why do it?
    Why put myself through that? The only person who
    could truly understand that day was my graphic
    designer sister-in-law. I remember tearing up as I told
    her, “No one will ever know, if I don’t get my work out
    there.” The more I think about it now that was beginning
    of the realization that I need to make art to be me and
    connect to the world and others. I was feeling fragile,
    but it was exhilarating when the gallery got back to me.
    Yes, the sculpture made it there okay. Yes, they wanted
    me to be a member of the gallery!

    The more I put off this need to make art, the more sick I
    feel about facing each day. Being authentic and having
    the courage to be vulnerable is the most hopeful way to
    live. Yes, there are rejections along the way and many
    people who just don’t get it, but allowing the fear to win is
    a way of rejecting yourself. Thanks Brene’ for leading me
    to what I hope to be a new breakthrough in my art,
    parenting, and teaching!

  14. Please can you tell me if you are doing any development events in the UK


  15. Roxie

    LOVE how your work is impacting me! And, wondering if a version of The Daring Way training might be offered to lay counselors/mentors/ministry leaders someday? I am degree-less and under that umbrella).

  16. I really wish this training would open up to people who work with others to improve mental and emotional health. As a leader of over 85 peer-to-peer support groups for parents of kids with heart defects, I feel this training would be extremely useful. I am searching for ways to help people heal. There is a lot of guilt and shame involved. Empathy is KEY to what we do.

  17. Laurie

    I am full of self help books. I believe I fell upon your name in an article. I kept reading & plug in your name. Thus, Far all I have read. I am hooked like a catfish. That is to say, I am not letting go until I have read each ever book in which you have written. I am in the midst of a crossroads. I was blah blah, a Register Respiratory Therapist a few years ago & I hit the wall. And it was to my belief than I could not go on any longer. Until I fell upon knees, beg the Lord to forgive me. Ha, my gut responded you must forgive yourself & move onward. Loved ones were passing away & onward to their next journey. And four siblings who seem to avoid any contact with me.
    I grew tremendously angry. How could they be angered towards me? Ha, I was the one who gave up my place, my home, my career & all to be there for our Mother & 2o minutes away of my Dad’s home. During this period, I was approach by someone I adored & this is what was said to me. “Do realize how jealous He is for you are here caring for your Mother?” That was the final hit at least I thought then…This person will remain nameless. I still love her greatly. But she remained with full of gun power for several years after my Mother’s Death. Those words stripped me down to the bone. I was so angered I imagine myself giving her a right hook punch. I knew I could never do that~by this time in life I knew not respond to a fools accusations. Seriously, I knew my Dad well enough it was possible although the truth be told. My Dad was one to voice his point of view quite clearly & he need no fool to express his feelings. Anyway! Here I am healing slowly through forgiving everything. Yet, have sincerely forgiven myself? Not so sure. And I am under a toxic roof. Meantime, my anxiety & all other labels slammed me down face first into mud. My self esteem measure near death. What a mess. How I have remain out of the KoKo Coco puff bin is beyond me. There were times I was ready to go in myself. Moving onward, my wombs are not everyone elses wombs. Leaves me here alone. I going to say thank you before I open one of your books. I have never had this sudden gut go instinct I fell into best being here on earth. I have read almost every self coach, motivator speaker books. Your work will be my last books. I can not keep going like this. Perhaps, one day I can say, “This too shall come to pass”. And all who meet me think I have it all worked out & more. I have heard this many times” perhaps you should be a counselor or life coach, pastor,doctor. A year ago, I gave up hiding it all. Still find it rather ridiculous to sing out from the mountains. No, I am like humpy dumpy who had a great fall. And slowly putting it all back together. Ha, I can not even get my beloved profession back. B/c the last position I had they knew I was depressed. Kick me in the gut let go. I was smaller than ant. And now it has been perhaps to late. Okay hope my letter is at least read & perhaps will lead to awesome healing. Peace & blessings, Laurie

  18. Charlene R

    I have just finished reading, The Gift of Imperfection and I am totally in a new place.
    I have been struggling with depression and all its counter parts for a long time and have been going through therapy for over a year now. Your book has touched on everything we’ve discussed in therapy. I started reading and thought, wow, I should hilight some important passages that pertain directly to me. I continued reading and gave up on the hilighting, as I would end up hilighting the whole book. It’s as if you interviewed just me for the entire thing. As in the mention of another one of your books, I thought it was just me, it was so liberating to find out, I am more in the norm that I thought!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration, setting a path to follow further in my therapy and helping me acknowledge and find the words to use to describe exactly how I have been feeling.

    This has been a long journey and I realize that we are constantly working on ourselves, because even with the knowledge of how to think, what to say, how to react, we still have to practice it every day.

    I cannot wait to read everything else you have written.

    Thank you so much!!!!
    Charlene R.

  19. Brandon

    It’s cool seeing so many other people excited by Brene’s work. I have definitely found her ideology useful, and I integrate a lot her concepts into my work as a simplicity coach. I’d love to hear how other people have used Brene’s work in their life. Anybody care to share?

  20. eva krascsenitsova

    Dear Brené,
    thank you for your work on vulnerability. I find it very moving .. kind of reminds me the Little prince book … specially the taming part …
    Eva, Slovakia,

  21. I do not comment, however after reading through a great deal of comments here The Daring Way – Brené Brown. I
    actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s okay.
    Could it be just me or do some of the responses appear like they are left by brain dead
    people? :-P And, if you are writing on additional online
    sites, I would like to follow you. Would you post a list of every one of all your social community sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  22. Hey Brene, so excited to hear you’ll be offering training in Australia next year. Your work is inspiring and I look forward to hearing more about it! Lauren :)

  23. Hi Brene,

    Just finished your book, “The Gift of Imperfections.” How about this one……

    Anne Donze: Teacher/Paperdoll Artist/ Flutist/ Spiritual Director

    I entered the Spiritual Direction program at age 56. Will finish the certificate program this fall. Had not written a research paper since college (late 70′s). But what an amazing journey it has been! Had been playing flute since age 10 but started private lessons about 5 years ago. Taking flute lessons enriched my life in a way I had not expected. Paper dolls were the love of my life as a child. Started collecting them in the late 90′s and started drawing them a few years later. My paper dolls have been published in newstand magazines for doll collectors. I’m planning to retire from teaching in 4 years and then devote more time to spiritual direction. And of course I’ll keep playing my flute and drawing paper dolls. According to your book, I’m doing a lot of the right things. My life is very full.

    When people ask me what my kids are doing (age 27 and 30) I want to say, “How about asking me what I’m doing. I’m every bit as interesting as my kids!!

    Thanks for the book. It was awesome!


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  25. Thank you
    To your continued success