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Hi everyone,

I’m so excited to tell you about my latest daring adventure: COURAGEworks

As most of you know, I love teaching and I’m passionate about learning. It’s been my dream to create a place where we can come together to learn and have conversations (even the hard ones) about the issues that mean the most to us. 

COURAGEworks is that place.

It’s an online learning community that offers eCourses, workshops, and interviews developed for all of us who are committed to fully showing up in our lives – to being brave, leaning into vulnerability, and rumbling with the challenges that come with living a daring life.

During the courses, participants will roll up their sleeves for hands-on, interactive explorations of the work. In each lesson, I’ll guide you through reading assignments, lesson videos, exercise videos, and new ways to put the lessons into daily practices.

The video lessons are available on-demand, so you will be able to review them at a time that fits your schedule!

You can learn more about COURAGEworks at

And, right now you can use the coupon code MYTRIBE2015 to receive 20% off of the Living Brave semester! 
Can’t wait to see you in class,
And . . . if you have any suggestions about classes you’d like to see offered through COURAGEworks, leave your ideas in the comment section!


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  8. Nancy

    Can we receive credit for the class. I am An educator and need graduate credits as professional development even for personal classes.

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  10. Linda

    Do you offer CEUs for LCSW for the Courahe Works classes?

  11. Nicole

    Love your stuff. I can’t get enough of encouraging people to reach for their dreams. Our courses are similar in helping women to stay encouraged and inspired to live the life they’ve always wanted. Thanks for your inspiration and for offering ideas and knowledge to live the life we want!

  12. Jenny

    I have unsubscribed from your emails for the 3rd time now. Can you please make sure l do not receive any more. Thank you Jenny

  13. Catherine

    I love your work! Seems I am not alone in wanting to share this work with teenagers. I believe so many addictions and issues that adults suffer stem from perfectionism, not-good enough-ism etc… that they start to develop in their childhood. I wish we could help break the cycle by fostering courage, resilience and self worth while they are young. PLEASE consider a “young readers edition” (such as one’s made for Three Cups of Tea and Omnivore’s Dilemma) or a class geared towards teens. I try sharing the teaching from Brene’s books and stories like Ellen’s Marble Jar Friends but think you are a far more effective communicator. Thanks!!

  14. dannie

    I signed up for this class to start in January and want to confirm details. Please advise. my name is Danielle Engwert I am excited to take the class and do not want to miss it!

  15. Dana Reed

    How do I sign up for this class?

  16. Joanne Howarth

    I would love to know how to experience the highs of joy without the huge crash afterwards. I don’t want to fear experiencing happiness but at the same time the happiness hangover is debilitating. It is not the same as foreboding joy as it follows an event that I have been really looking forward to (London workshop or a cruise) which gives me a total high like I’m taking something illegal but within 24 hours the despair is excruciating. It’s as if I’m flying high in happiness and then suddenly realise people don’t have wings and come crashing down to the ground.
    Thank you

  17. Nicole Luinenburg

    It would be great if you had a course or workbook or something that us educators can use to help students. It seems that by the time they are in the middle of high school, many of them have firmly convinced themselves that they don’t care (fill in the blanks about the list of what they don’t care about), and it would be great to have a process to help them explore that caring through gradual steps that will avoid having them hide under their rock of apathy. I notice this especially with students who are just not connected to much of school life (like extra-curriculars and academics – perhaps sports at best).

    I tried to work through some of what you had in your books, but they tend to emotionally scare easily, so the work almost has to be while in stealth mode…

    Thanks again for all you do. Your book gives me hope that we are starting to move past all of the judgement and fear that keeps us socially mired in the muck (and that has people thinking Trump is a good candidate for president….)