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I’m partnering with one of my favorite photographers, Andrea Corrona Jenkins, to bring a dose of daring to your email box every Monday morning!

COURAGEbombs are quotes from my research beautifully designed with Andrea’s amazing Polaroid photos. Yes, Polaroids!  I’m obsessed with them and no one does it better than Andrea.


Andrea Corrona Jenkins

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  1. Goomy

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    • Lo casey

      I love Brene brown she is an incredibly huge part of my journey in becoming the women I want to be, but I was so disappointed and shocked at her speaking about recovery and 12 step. It feels irresponsible the way she talks about addiction. It kills.l! It destroys lives and the families and all those around the addict. It is a serious life threatening illness. The platform that she has is huge and I can’t help but feel frightened at her personal few on addiction. Her book “gifts of imperfection” may have already put the struggling addict who needs recovery and the 12steps off!
      Her “I’m a take the edge off” aholic is cute and almost sounds manageable. So cool, 12steps isn’t for her why speak about it in this manner at all then. Why not say I found recovery and am a sober women. Full stop.
      It feels extremely dangerous.
      I have to say I am still actually shocked how she speaks about recovery.
      I believe any commentary good or bad or even indifferent should be left out of the public forum when it comes to recovery.
      It saves people’s lives every day. Period.
      When in denial as an addict you find every possible way to justify, I’m a take the edge off would of been perfect for to keep drinking especially if my hero Brene brown said so. That’s all I’m saying.

      Addiction in my opinion is something that should be greatly respected. It’s not about being venerable. It’s not about just healing
      Old shame. Maybe for some it is, but then i wonder if In fact that person is an addict at all.

      When I have a drink I want another, full stop.
      I respect this fact!

      I still love Brene and will continue to watch and listen to her wisdom. But around addiction I pray she will leave it in the rightful place it belongs.