A weekly COURAGEbomb!

Hi everyone,

I’m partnering with one of my favorite photographers, Andrea Corrona Jenkins, to bring a dose of daring to your email box every Monday morning!

COURAGEbombs are quotes from my research beautifully designed with Andrea’s amazing Polaroid photos. Yes, Polaroids!  I’m obsessed with them and no one does it better than Andrea.


Andrea Corrona Jenkins

Here’s an example of what you’ll receive in your inbox.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.03.13 PM

If you’d like to join us for a little Monday morning inspiration, you can sign up here! 

Here’s to braver Monday mornings, Polaroid pictures, and a little more beauty in our lives!

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  1. Mo

    The ted talk changed me. I am in the ring often . I have been blessed with a interesting family of origen. I teach 1st grade in a public. My students are military dependants , many of them live on base. I see so much pain and fear in their eyes. I encourage and give them affirmations. Love my life and want to give it away love to all the people I meet.

  2. Mo


  3. Anne Fehlman

    Tried just now to sign up for the emails, but it didn’t seem to work.

    • Lisa McManus

      I had the same problem. Can someone tech support help us out. Is puts you onto an entirely different page not appearing to be related with no further instructions.

  4. saunda stmartin

    I admire how you deliver your work , soo much! I love gifts of imperfection: my daughter and I did the course together. I have shared your poster on authenticity for years! And Roosevelt man in the arena speech ! !

  5. Dear Brene
    Reading ‘Rising Strong’ and brought to tears so frequently.
    Excited to be coming to your book event / signing in London next week – having met you briefly at the event for ‘Daring Greatly’ 3 years ago.
    Looking forward to presenting you with my own Brave offering, if I may…


  6. Veronica Aristeguy

    Dear Brene,

    Thank you. Your books changed my life. Every piece of them is like a little treasure that resonates in my life and helps me to understand much better the lives of the people I know.
    Just finished reading “Raising Strong”. Cannot recommend it enough.
    God Bless you for your wonderful and wholeharted 🙂 work.

  7. Gloria Gage

    Monday is a good day to add beauty to our lives to carry us through the week.

  8. Tammy Banta

    Yes please and thank you.

  9. Deborah

    Thank you for the inspiration

  10. Linda

    thank you for your inspiration

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  12. Kim fields

    yes please!

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  14. Monika

    Can’t wait for these!

  15. Ernie Lemas

    Thank you…

  16. Mary Twombly

    yes please may I have a courage bomb?

  17. Kathy

    Dear Dr Brene Brown, I am so looking forward to your Monday Courage bomb. I first saw and heard you on Own with Oprah and your talks and teachings touched my heart and soul! I am not a great reader have all your books but have not been able open them except your quote from Daring Greatly!! I have a past riddled with trauma loss rejection shame unworthiness and you give me hope and I’ve wanted to join your classes and absorb your teachings and pouring out of your heart and soul. Thank you! I am 62 divorced after 35 years and in need of healing if not for me but for my children their spouses and children my 8 grandchildren. Thank you, Kathy

  18. Millie

    Yes please!

  19. Alyson Wish

    Yes, Please. Courage Bomb inspirations are welcomed in my inbox.


  20. julie

    thank you

  21. Lisa

    Looking forward to it!

  22. Fiona

    Absolutely!! I’m reading your wonderful book “Daring Greatly ” on my daily commute to work. Though some days I have to exit it early as it’s just a little too raw and close to the bone!! It’s wonderful and just what I need in my life right now – isn’t it wonderful how books can do that?!
    Looking forward to my Monday courage bombs!

  23. Nancy Mangan


  24. Jacqui Landis

    very excited to receive these each week !!!

  25. Alice

    Great way to begin the week. I am eager to start. Thank You…..