A weekly COURAGEbomb!

Hi everyone,

I’m partnering with one of my favorite photographers, Andrea Corrona Jenkins, to bring a dose of daring to your email box every Monday morning!

COURAGEbombs are quotes from my research beautifully designed with Andrea’s amazing Polaroid photos. Yes, Polaroids!  I’m obsessed with them and no one does it better than Andrea.


Andrea Corrona Jenkins

Here’s an example of what you’ll receive in your inbox.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.03.13 PM

If you’d like to join us for a little Monday morning inspiration, you can sign up here! 

Here’s to braver Monday mornings, Polaroid pictures, and a little more beauty in our lives!

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  1. These are so good – love the images too. I’ve signed up! Thank you, Brene.

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  10. zengda


  11. Louise

    This is very inspirational and comforting to know we are more than just me who want to be braver and get more out of this short life. Getting these Monday Courage bombs is a great way to start my week.
    These emails also reminds me of this brave young girl who does not let her blindness stop her http://brainandsoul.org/blind-no-excuse/

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  13. Thanks for sending me a courage bombs. It’ll help me stopping eating the coward candy.

    • Lisa McManus

      How did you get on the email list? I am having trouble signing up

      • Blendra

        I couldn’t get it to work either?

    • Hallie

      Me either, darn it.

    • Marketa

      Me too 🙁

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  15. Miki

    Thank you so much for posting this for us. I relaly resonated with 2 comments from Brene Brown: Shame is an epidemic in our culture and Empathy is the antidote to shame. While I don’t have any research data for this, I suspect that shame is very involved with the obesity epidemic and health crisis in our country. I hear women all the time say some version of I’m not good enough (and Who do you think you are? is another version of that). We cannot believe that about ourselves or another person, male or female, and at the same time believe in the goodness of God/Creation/Source. To resurrect a saying I heard way back in the 1970 s, God don’t make no junk!

  16. Joanne Howarth

    Thank you for posting the Trust course. Is there somewhere we can share comments about our battles with trust? Is anything else going to be added? I think I built it in my head as several mini videos when I found out about the course so was a little disappointed that it was over in a flash and was mainly the video I’d previously seen about BRAVING. I know the PDFs are helpful but it such a huge thing for me I just hoped it would have some fresh ideas / theory that I could use.

    I am really trying to live a more wholehearted life with the help of your work and I think that trust is currently a major barrier, particularly self-trust which is why I hoped for more but in reality I suppose it is free and an advert for the other courses.

    Please can you talk about trust in greater detail during your Living Brave course that starts in January?

  17. Anna

    I’m enjoying reading and wrestling through the Rising Strong book. Would anyone be able to tell me where I could connect or read comments from people in medicine that have fallen and stand back up? It seems like we don’t discuss our failures in the medical community with respect to when it influences our patients. There can be a lot of shame and disconnectedness when a provider “falls.”

    Thank you.


  18. SJ

    How great! I really like this idea!

    SJ – simplyconversing.wordpress.com

  19. Jeannie

    Thank you for “Rising Strong!” (And for “Daring Greatly;” I’ve read that as well.) I am not sure if you have interviewed many entrepreneurs in your research, but it occurred to me today while reading the chapter about “Act 2” that your writing surely speaks to my journey as a mid-life entrepreneur. It also never occurred to me that this is also a heroic journey–no guarantees at the end, unchartered territory, risks around every turn. Talk about vulnerability!!! Whew! And the sequence repeats itself with every new initiative and launch. I will continue to read with a new and curious lens! Thanks again…..Jeannie

  20. Beth

    I was such an honour to meet you in London and have you sign my copy of Rising Strong x
    I love these emails that arrive every Monday x
    Thank you for opening my eyes to wholehearted living – it had changed my life x

  21. Lula

    Simply put….thank you!

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  23. Not, admittedly , apropos of this blog article … I have read about 2/3 of “Daring Greatly.” Parts of this book describe me and my experiences with uncanny accuracy. Almost scary in its exactness. This is a magnificent book. Imagine if everyone read this book. What a game changer!

  24. Amanda

    What a beautiful way to start the week!

  25. Love the combination of art and words with your courage bombs! Thank you for inspiring many to let our emotions, thoughts, and vulnerability awkwardly escape the confines of our minds and spew uncomfortably out of our mouths allowing the tears to escape down our cheeks.
    Your work and humor has helped me grow and become more comfortable with myself. I truly believe I would not be working on the project of collecting the memories and stories of my partner that passed away a month ago, if I didn’t put myself out there and show my vulnerability.
    If you want to see me being so very uncomfortable and humbled by allowing myself to be vulnerable, check out my Go Fund Me for the project at http://www.gofundme.com/storiesforandrew. I am not asking you for any money, I just wanted you to see how your work has helped me. I can’t thank you with enough sincerity.