TGIF is back, y’all!

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In the early days of my blog, I’d often close each week by sharing my personal TGIF (Trust-Gratitude-Inspiration-Friday). People started posting on their own social and it quickly became an amazing community gratitude practice.

Photos of Brené on a billboard in timesquare and smiling with a post-it that says TGIF

F now stands for Fun because, OMG, we need more of it right now!

For my first TGIF back in the saddle:

I’m TRUSTING that it’s ok to just keep doing the next right thing – even when the long-term plan isn’t quite clear. Enough right things will get me where I need to go.

I’m deeply GRATEFUL for the support around The Call to Courage Netflix special. It’s felt equal parts exciting/scary and brave/vulnerable. Researcher, heal thyself.

New podcasts that we did for the launch of The Call to Courage:

I’m INSPIRED by the women I sat across from over the last month. Abby Wambach for the launch of her new book, Wolfpack, Laverne Cox at the Netflix launch in Los Angeles, Melinda Gates for the launch of her new book, Moment of Lift, and Laura Mayes at one of my favorite conferences, Mom 2.0.

Photos of Brené with Abby Wambach, Laverne Cox, Melinda Gates and Laura Mayes.
I found inspiration from coast to coast with (pictured clockwise) Abby Wambach, Laverne Cox, Melinda Gates and Laura Mayes.

What’s FUN?

I come from a long line of product evangelists. My grandmother used to hold up a can of beans or a shortbread cookie and basically do a commercial about why it was the very best (including the aisle location at your neighborhood Piggly Wiggly). Now it’s my turn!

When it comes to suitcases, hair spray, or sparkling water, I have strong opinions. So it was a fun assignment to put together a round-up for The Strategist’s “What I Can’t Live Without” column.

Brené with a few of her favorite things including topo chico mineral water, aveda paddle brush, kerastase hairspray, and farmgirl flowers.

What are you trusting, grateful for, inspired by, and doing for fun? Post it with some pics on social and tag us #TGIFpractice.

Stay brave, awkward, and kind,

Signed, Brené

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