Underwear update!

I’m so grateful to report that Undies for Everyone (UFE) has received 177,882 pairs of underwear and $658,750 in donations. The cash donations will provide 775,000 pairs of undies!

UFE has delivered undies to emergency shelters and schools across Houston, to evacuees at the Dallas Convention Center, and to the people of Orange, TX, (a city east of Houston that was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey).

More details to come tomorrow. For now, thank y’all for showing up.

Thoughts and prayers to those in Irma’s path. We will stand with you. You’re not alone.

[Update September 7, 2017]

Undies for Everyone


Underwear: 177,882
Cash: $658,750 (This allows UFE to purchase 775,000 pair of undies)

Current Underwear Distribution

9/1/17: 5,331 pair delivered to the George R. Brown Convention Center, an emergency shelter for the first storm evacuees. Less than one week after the storm NRG was housing over 10,000 storm victims.

9/2/17: 9,000 pair delivered to NRG Stadium

9/2/17: 9,000 pair delivered to the Jewish Community Center of Greater Houston

9/3/17: 49,097 pair delivered to NRG Stadium, an emergency shelter for the storm evacuees who were rescued from homes during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

9/3/17: 25,000 pair delivered to NRG.

9/4/17: 1,763 Windsor Village United Methodist picked up underwear and is delivering them to Orange, TX that was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey.

9/5/17: 35,432 pair were picked up by KIPP Schools for distribution to families impacted by flood waters

9/6/17: 25,000 pair sent to victims evacuated to Dallas, currently being house at the Dallas Convention Center

9/6/17: 2,191 pair delivered to Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory of Houston.

9/6/17: 16,068 pair remaining in inventory at the end of the day

Underwear Committed for Distribution 9/7/17

9/7/17: 50,000 pair to Houston Independent School District

9/7/17: 25,000 Harris County Health will pick up underwear for new mobile units traveling to neighborhoods most impacted during the storm.


  • Over 250 volunteers have donated their time to packing and delivering underwear over the past week.
  • 10,314 individual donations have arrived since 9/1/17.
  • 11,858 packages have arrived at Undies for Everyone headquarters.

3-Tiered Strategy

  1. Relief to short-term emergency shelters and multi-service centers for evacuees.
  2. Underwear will be distributed to families as they enter semi-permanent and permanent housing.
  3. Return to regular operations.