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Last Updated: 4/19/2019

Using Quotes From Brené’s Work 

Can I use a quote of Brené’s in my upcoming book? 

We are happy for you to quote Brené’s work in your forthcoming book as long as it is appropriately attributed and not used to imply that Brené is endorsing the work.  Please ensure there is an accent mark on the second “e” in Brené’s name.

Here’s a little further guidance:

What is OK is including a brief quote or two from Brené’s work as part of a publication as long as these are appropriately attributed and not used to imply that Brené is endorsing or otherwise involved with the work. If you are looking to do something more than that, it is likely not something that we would be able to provide permission for. This would include using or adapting key concepts from Brené’s work and research as the basis for a publication or using more than one or two quotes or content longer than a short paragraph.

If your plan is to use a larger excerpt of Brené’s work, permission must be obtained in advance from the publisher.  (This is covered further down this page.)

How do I properly attribute Brené when quoting her work?

Credit should include full name and book title e.g. Brené Brown, Rising Strong.

All of these would be correct/appropriate:

  • Brené Brown, [insert book title]
  • Brené Brown, PhD, MSW, [insert book title]
  • Brené Brown, research professor, University of Houston and author of [insert book title]

If not quoting directly from a book (e.g. from Ted Talk, interview or blog post)

  • Brené Brown, research professor, University of Houston
  • Brené Brown, PhD, MSW
Can I include an excerpt from one of Brené’s books? Pertaining to I Thought It Was Just Me, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wilderness, Dare to Lead:

Penguin Random House, the publisher of this work, requires that formal permission be obtained in advance if a person wishes to copy or excerpt from their materials. Permission requests can be submitted online at

You’ll want to search for the title(s) from which you wish to reproduce excerpts and then choose the “Photocopy/Electronic Reserve” project type. The form will ask you certain details needed in order to review your request, including what specific excerpt(s) you intend to use, the number of copies you expect to reproduce, the dates of usage, and either your institution and course name or a brief description of your non-classroom use (provide whichever pertain to your situation best).

Pertaining to The Gifts of Imperfection:

Hazelden Publishing, the publisher of this work, requires that formal permission be obtained in advance if a person wishes to copy or excerpt from their materials. For permission to reuse materials from Hazelden, please access or contact Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, 978-750-8400

Is it ok to download the quotes on the website and turn them into posters to be used in my school/office/library?

You are welcome to use any of the quotes on the Downloads page on to reproduce and enlarge as posters for use in your workplace, classrooms, hallways, etc.  They may not be sold for commercial gain, but you can certainly share them with your friends and co-workers! 

Using Brené’s Work in my Own Programs 

Can I use Brené’s books as required reading in the course I’m teaching at the University?

We are fine with Brené’s work being shared and discussed in an academic environment as a supplement to an established course. All work must be appropriately attributed and there should be no implication that Brené is endorsing the course.

I would like to teach a course on Brené’s work. 

In order to teach any of Brené’s work, you must become a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, or a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. To find out more about our sister programs, you can click here: The Daring Way | Dare to Lead.

Using Videos of Brené’s Work

Can I use the RSA videos in a training for my company or organization? 

Yes, please! The RSA Power of Empathy and Brené Brown on Blame videos are covered by an open access license intended to encourage non-commercial circulation of the work as widely as possible.

Click to read more about the specific license.

You can download the videos here:

Can I use your TED Talk videos in my presentation?

Usage rights regarding Brené’s TED Talks are managed by TED. You can learn more about their policy here.

What about the other videos found on on the Videos page?

You are welcome to use the videos and other resources found on to share with your organization. Please always give proper attribution, and if you are going to include a link, we prefer you using Brené’s website as the source.

Using Brené’s Quotes on my Own Products

Can I make a t-shirt/coffee mug/art print with one of Brené’s quotes on it to sell in my Etsy shop or other commercial establishment?

We love creatives and respect the courage it takes to put your work in the world. Unfortunately, because some people use Brené’s work and name in ways that are inconsistent with our beliefs (last year she had three books on Amazon that she didn’t write), we must ask everyone not to use it.  We do not allow Brené’s quotes, name, or image to be used for commercial gain.

Can I make a t-shirt/poster/art print to share with my organization? 

We love getting Brené’s work out in the world, and the spirit in which you’re sharing your creations is absolutely ok!  Please make sure there is appropriate attribution, and there is no implication that Brené is endorsing your organization in any way.  Also, you can be reimbursed for cost, but these items are not allowed to be sold for personal or commercial gain.

Can I use a quote of Brené’s on my business card/website/blog or promotional gear?

In order to avoid consumer confusion, we don’t provide permission to use Brené’s quotes, name, or image in conjunction with commercial businesses. Examples would include business cards, websites, artwork, and other promotional materials.

In order to avoid consumer confusion or implied endorsement, we do not permit anyone outside of The Daring Way™ or Dare to Lead™ to use Brené Brown’s name, image, likeness or copyrighted material in conjunction with any commercial endeavors.