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HBO Max Presents Atlas of the Heart

In October 2021, on the campus of my alma mater, we filmed a five-part series for HBO Max. In March 2022, the series—which features a dynamic mix of storytelling, film and TV references, guest researcher appearances, and informative role-plays—dropped on the streaming platform, and in it, we explore 30 of the 87 emotions and experiences that are covered in the book, as well as an actionable framework for meaningful connection.

More information on where the series is available can be found here.

Clips from the series

On connection to ourselves
On the four layers of emotion and experience
On having the right language for the right experience
On finding our way back to ourselves and each other
On the language portal
On candle-blower-outers

A special thank you to everyone who left their mark on this series.

To our amazing team at Brené Brown Education and Research Group—WE DID IT!! • To our partners at HBO Max—thank you for believing that using film, TV, and other forms of art is a powerful way to teach emotions. • To our creative partners, executive producers, showrunner, and the entire staff and crew at Den of Thieves—thank you for the rumbles, for the hard conversations, and for producing a series that we all love and believe in. • To Jake Wesley Rogers—thank you for moving us with your presence and your music. “In the Middle of Love” is the perfect way to open and close the episodes. • To my fellow teachers and episode guests—thank you for your voices and contributions to this world. I’m grateful to learn beside you. • To the in-studio audience—thank you for traveling with us! Thank you for the tears, laughter, and asking beautiful, hard questions that kept us thinking. • To our friends, agents, editors, and partners at Penguin Random House and WME—thank you for sharing this vision and making the pages of Atlas of the Heart come to life. • To Priya Parker and Anand Giridharadas—thank you for helping us launch the book and series in such meaningful ways. I could talk to y’all forever. • To Billy + Ange + Cristina—thank you for dressing me up for TV and singing and dancing in the green room. Y’all always make it more fun! • To the University of Texas at Austin—thank you for hosting us and making us feel at home. Hook ’em!

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