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LinkedIn Read-Along

We launched Dare to Lead with a global read-along on LinkedIn. Here are the video Q&As from our seven-week series. If you’re ready to dig into Dare to Lead, get a copy of the book and watch the videos below.

Courage over comfort, friends!

Introduction | 10 min watch
Brave Leaders and Courage Cultures

Sections 1 & 2 | 8 min watch
The Moment and the Myths | The Call to Courage

Section 3 | 10 min watch
The Armory

Sections 4 & 5 | 10 min watch
Shame and Empathy | Curiosity and Grounded Confidence

Part Two | 9 min watch
Living into Our Values

Part Three | 10 min watch
Braving Trust

Part Four | 10 min watch
Learning to Rise

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