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Wholehearted Inventory

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Please respond to the following questions by selecting the choice that most closely reflects your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors now – not what you’re working toward in the future.

Please answer the questions honestly without overthinking.

I avoid situations where I will feel emotionally exposed. 
Even when I feel good about what I have done, I notice when others have done things better. 
Even though I don't know how the end result might turn out, I still enjoy being creative. 
I start my day thinking that I am exhausted and didn’t get enough sleep. 
I take time each day to find some calm and quiet. 
I pay attention to how I feel and try to take it easy on myself when I’m struggling. 
I do what I’m supposed to instead of what I’m passionate about. 
When things are really difficult, I ask for help and connect with people who care about me. 
If I make a mistake, I feel incompetent. 
I believe that what I do for a living has a purpose. 
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