Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, Cadillac is launching a new campaign based on the Roosevelt “man in the arena” quote. Their new brand tagline is #DareGreatly. We’ve received many emails and comments over social media asking about my involvement in the campaign so I wanted to clear that up with you.

Cadillac sent me an email last week informing me about the campaign and letting me know that they were inspired by the quote, and particularly by my book. I am in no way involved with the Cadillac campaign. I’m not receiving or wanting payment, and I wasn’t consulted or informed in advance of the launch.

When I first learned about the campaign I experienced many different strong emotions – fear, anger, vulnerability – but mostly scarcity.

Daring Greatly is not just my book and my research; it’s how I live. My kids talk about daring greatly at school and Steve and I cheer each other on during difficult times by saying, “Dare greatly! I’ve got your back.” I was afraid that a commercial brand was taking that away from me, my family, and, most of all, from you and our community.

But, here’s the thing. I don’t own the call to Dare Greatly and Cadillac won’t own it either. Daring belongs to all of us. It’s a choice about how we want to live and show up in our lives. While that looks different for all of us, I know one thing for sure: Feeling scarcity over daring greatly bankrupts daring on its own terms. It’s always hard when my own work kicks me in the ass – Chapter One, no less. 

scarcitychapimage 1640

Teddy Roosevelt’s quote has been inspiring people for over 100 years and I hope the call to courage continues from you and from each of us. My personal commitment is to keep showing up, being seen, and living brave (even when I’m in fear and scarcity).

Always, I am deeply grateful for friends who point me back in the direction of my own values when I’m lost, and for this community of fellow travelers.