Collaboration requires daring leadership from everyone on the team. It means having tough conversations, staying curious, and learning how to listen.

Designhaus Studio has been our creative partner for the past year and, in addition to developing amazing design work together, we’ve learned how to be real collaborators.

Collaboration with Brené Brown and DesignHaus. Design is a function of empathy.

A great example of the power of our creative collaboration is this amazing graphic. I asked the team to come up with a design for my quote about empathy and design. Mike and Wendy, co-founders of Designhaus Studio, wrote back:

“Our team designed something that conveyed how empathy is about shifting perspective. You don’t necessarily need to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand. We wanted a design that illustrates that empathy is often a two-way street. It’s a journey of learning how to sync.”

Collaboration is always tough. It requires a lot of rumbles, circle backs, and constantly utilizing the powerful tool of “the story I’m telling myself.” And, when you can stay brave, it produces something far more powerful than you could ever do alone.