Unlocking Us - Brené and Scott Sonenshein on Stretching and Chasing Unlocking Us - Brené and Scott Sonenshein on Stretching and Chasing
September 9, 2020

Brené with Scott Sonenshein
on Stretching and Chasing

In this episode, researcher and professor Dr. Scott Sonenshein and I talk about the art and science of being scrappy, why outsiders are sometimes better than experts, and why comparison is truly the thief of joy. This book turned things upside down for me – in the best way. I hope the conversation does the same for you.


Guest Info

Scott Sonenshein, PhD

Scott Sonenshein
Caption: Photo of Scott Sonenshein smiling

Scott Sonenshein, PhD, is a chaired Professor at Rice University and a New York Times best-selling author whose ground-breaking research in organizational psychology has been translated into twenty languages. His research empowers people to find joy, meaning and success in their work and life by acting resourcefully. His award-winning research, teaching, and consulting have helped Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, and he is the author of the book Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less – and Achieve More than You Ever Imagined and Joy at Work, co-written with Marie Kondo.

Scott Sonenshien Shares 5 favorite songs. Click to listen now on Spotify
Scott Sonenshien Shares 5 favorite songs. Click to listen now on Spotify


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