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Daring Classrooms Hub

Integration Ideas

Our goal for the Dare to Lead Daring Classrooms hub is, first and foremost, to provide educators with free courage-building resources to help them develop their own skills, and to deepen connection and trust with their teams.

Our secondary goal emerged from requests from teachers: How can I bring more of these learnings into the classroom? When we first launched, we offered a set of integration plans for some of the main concepts that were divided by primary and secondary education. It wasn’t a curriculum, but rather a loose set of lesson plans based on specific topics.

We received immediate feedback that the integration plans were missing the context and container building that are foundational in our other training and certification programs. We were grateful for that feedback – we live by the belief that getting it right is so much more important than being right. Through several rumbles we realized that, when we decided to give these resources away for free rather than create another training and certification program, we didn’t think through how to maintain the foundation piece outside of a controlled program. As you’ll see on the updated site, we’ve integrated our approach to creating safe and brave spaces into our new Integration Ideas.

Additionally, we believe that teachers know their students and what is developmentally appropriate and relevant better than we do, so rather than giving you new lesson plans, we’re going to share our list of integration ideas – specific concepts and tools that are being used in schools and have the potential to create braver, safer classrooms and build courage skills. We are also providing free assets that support the integration ideas available to all educators.

Integration Idea Topics

You can find sharable links to the additional resources referenced for each of the Integration Idea Topics above on the Integration Idea Resources page.