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Dare to Lead Hub

Team and Organization Book Reads

Dare to Lead Hub

Team and Organization Book Reads

Courage is contagious.

Brené Brown

Digging into Dare to Lead together gives teams and organizations a shared language and understanding of what courage looks like within their organization, what gets in the way, and how to build specific courage skills. We have seen the power of collective courage-building by teams and organizations who are willing to do brave work, have tough conversations, and show up with their whole hearts.

Below are several ways for teams and organizations to engage together with the Dare to Lead book.

Read-Along Schedules

Select a book read-along schedule that meets your team’s needs. You can choose from 4-hour, 8-hour, and 10-hour options. We break down the reading and exercises into manageable timeframes for your team to meet up for discussion and skills-building.

Global Read-Along

We launched Dare to Lead with a global read-along on LinkedIn.

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